Timothy Olyphant Joins Steven Soderbergh’s Kidnapping Mystery ‘Full Circle’ At HBO Max

Looks like the juice is worth the squeeze. The “juice” here being the job of starring in Ed Solomon and Steven Soderbergh’s Full Circle series at HBO Max, and the “squeeze” being whatever the team offered Timothy Olyphant to do it. Variety is reporting that Olyphant has joined the crime drama production alongside Zazie Beetz and Claire Danes.

Details are slim about the characters (Olyphant’s is called “Derek”!) or the specifics of the plot, but the current official synopsis promises “an investigation into a botched kidnapping uncovers long-held secrets connecting multiple characters and cultures in present day New York City.”

These names are dynamite. Obviously Soderbergh and Solomon attract talent naturally, but each of these actors makes the show a must-watch on their own merits. Together? It’s a hellaciously promising line up. Who else can this project snag?

Olyphant is currently filming Justified: City Primeval, where he’s reprising his iconic role as Raylan Givens, although production has been rocky since bullets and bombs keep flying on set. Hopefully filming Full Circle will be less death-defying. The other question is which side of the law Full Circle will see Olyphant on — back behind a badge or out there kidnapping people? Something in between? Maybe just hanging around the investigation looking handsome and smirking one-liners? All fine ideas!