What Makes Tommy A Firestarter On ‘Power’?

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

We’re just three episodes into Power Book IV: Force, and it’s clear that Tommy Egan is a force to be reckoned with. After packing up his things from New York for a move that was initially set to bring him to Los Angeles, Tommy decided a stop in Chicago was necessary. There, he reconnected with his half-brother JP and found a new love. However, he’s also ruffled feathers with two prominent gangs in Chicago: CBI and the Irish Crime Family. In episode three of Power, which is titled “Firestarter,” we see Tommy start plenty of fires in the Windy City.

What Makes Tommy A Firestarter On ‘Power’?

In previous Power episodes, Tommy’s presence and growing alliance with CBI’s Diamond, who was released from a long stint in jail in episode one, sparks a rift between Diamond and his younger brother Jenard, who led CBI while Diamond was behind bars. The two don’t see eye-to-eye on many things with Diamond wanting to keep Tommy and Jenard eyeing to get rid of him. In this week’s episode, Tommy presents a deal to Diamond that could possibly change things for CBI. However, Jenard’s refusal to let go of the top spot leads to him and Diamond literally fighting with the winner taking over CBI. Diamond won the fight, but it was later revealed that Jenard threw the match, which will certainly cause damage to the unity of CBI.

Elsewhere on this episode of Power, Tommy reignites a fire between CBI and the Irish Crime Family, who have been at odds for years. Tommy’s attempt to settle their differences in the name of making money backfires when Walter Flynn, who runs Irish Crime Family, refuses to put the past behind him during the deal. This causes an intense back and forth between Diamond and Walter during the meeting.

Lastly, Tommy prepares to start another fire by connecting with Claudia Flynn, Walter’s only daughter and older brother of Vic. She teases a new deal with him that would allow her to forge her own path in the drug world, as her family has iced her out of the Irish Crime Family.

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