What New Product Might Tommy Start Selling On ‘Power’?

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Now that he’s decided to stay put in Chicago, Tommy Egan has one goal for his time in the Windy City: to make as much money as possible. In Power Book IV: Force, he begins by aligning himself with Diamond, who brings him along for a mission that requires them to move a large batch of cocaine in three hours. In this week’s episode, Tommy opts to partner with Liliana and produce their own batch of cocaine, which they hope to use in a deal to unite two of Chicago’s street gangs: CBI and the Irish Crime Family. Tommy’s attempt falls through due to longtime disdain between the two groups. However, a new opportunity lands in his lap at the end of the episode.

What New Product Might Tommy Start Selling On ‘Power’?

Towards the end of the episode, Tommy is stopped by Claudia Flynn, the older sister of Victor Flynn and the daughter of Walter Flynn, who runs the Irish Crime Family. During her meeting with Tommy, Claudia baits him into teaming up with her for a new product that will “kick your teeth in a thousand times over.” Shortly after, Claudia and a woman that she’s romantically involved with are discussing the drug, and it’s here that she reveals it has a chemical compound that is “too close to cocaine.” Claudia also says that it came from a “busted diet pill.”

The drug was first introduced during the inaugural episode Power Book IV: Force in an intimate scene between Claudia and the aforementioned woman.

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