Trevor Noah Is Thankful That Trump’s ‘Hard Work And Dedication To Doing Crimes’ Has Taught Us About The Existence Of Special Masters

When the history books are finally written on the 21st century, Donald Trump will undoubtedly go down as one of the most problematic presidents to ever occupy the White House. But at least he will have taught us a few things — like why attempting to overthrow democracy as we know it is a bad thing, and that our government allows for a role known as a “special master.” Which Trevor Noah thinks sounds pretty cool.

On Tuesday, Noah returned from vacation with a whole lot to say about Trump and the recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. But mostly he wanted to talk about the special master who will be assigned to review the materials seized from the former president’s home and determine which documents cannot be included in the investigation into Trump. And, really, just how cool that title sounds.

“It was like, ‘Donald Trump is getting a special master,’ [and] I was like, ‘He’s about to learn kung fu?,’” Noah explained. But what The Daily Show host is particularly interested in witnessing is how the special master is actually chosen. As he explained:

What’s going to be really interesting is who they pick for this job. Because the judge gave each side until Friday to submit a list of suggestions together. So basically the judge is going: ‘Trump, you send us a list of who you think should review the documents and then, like, the Justice Department, you do the same thing.’ And then, I guess the judge is hoping they’ll overlap?

I don’t know. I feel like the Department of Justice is going to submit the names of, like, former attorney generals and FBI directors, and then the list from Trump’s side is going to be like: Jared, the Hamburglar, a paper shredder on top of a toilet.

But Noah does need to give Trump credit for one thing:

Once again, [he] has exposed a part of America that I’m willing to bet nobody knew existed. Nobody. Did you know about a special master? Any of you? Huh? I didn’t even know it was an option. I’ve watched 10 million hours of Law & Order. I know about subpoenas; I know about breaking the chain of custody, objection, sustained, overruled, sidebar, and my chambers. But not once have I heard the term ‘special master.’

But once again, thanks to Trump—because of his hard work and dedication to doing crimes—we’ve all learned something new today.

You can watch the full segment above (the Trump segment begins around the 1:15 mark).