Well, Sh*t: ‘Tuca & Bertie’ Has Been Canceled (For A Second Time)

In the lamest entertainment news of the day, the visionary Tuca & Bertie has once again been canceled. After finding a new life at Adult Swim following its cancellation from Netflix, it turns out that the crown jewel of offbeat animation struggled to find an audience for the bodacious adventures of the avian odd couple voiced by Tiffany Hadish and Ali Wong.

Creator Lisa Hanawalt addressed the cancelation with grace and diplomacy, thanking Adult Swim for smart guidance and imploring fans to pay attention to the names of everyone who made the show possible in the credits. She closed her message saying, “I still have a beautiful and weird ending to T&B in mind, hopefully someday we’ll get a chance to finish this story. . . I’ve witnessed so many people connecting with this show on a profound level, and I intend to keep telling stories like this, no matter what.”

Here’s a thought: someone else needs to pick this ball up and run with it. Hanawalt has put out the creator’s distress signal, and hopefully someone smart enough will reach out with a second life preserver so that, at the very least, the story can come to a truly satisfying (and weird!) conclusion. If Community can eke it out…

(via The Hollywood Reporter)