A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Has Become A Fan Favorite For Disagreeing With Pat Sajak

Wheel of Fortune contestants aren’t in the habit of disagreeing with Pat Sajak. But not Ben from California. Ben from California made it all the way to the bonus round of the game show, where the category was “Fun and Games.” After getting the requisite letters “RSTLNE” and adding three consonants (MHC) and a vowel (A), Ben was left with:

T A _ _ N _ A _ _ _ C _ _ _ _

Ben was stumped. “Taunt A Chuck Guy,” he guessed, whatever that means. “Taunt A Wacky Guy” made a little more sense, but it still wasn’t right. “Oh, that was so… unclose,” Sajak taunted before revealing the correct answer: Taking A Quick Jog. “You just didn’t have the letters.” That’s not the reason Ben didn’t get it, however. “I just don’t consider jogging fun and games,” he joked before giving a thumbs up to the camera. “Oh, well, there you go,” Sajak replied before going off script to admit, “That wasn’t bad.”

Wheel of Fortune viewers were on Ben’s side. “Finally! A contestant finally speaks out about the answers not matching the category! The kid was great!” one fan wrote on Instagram, while another added, “Nobody considers that fun and games that’s fitness, come on.” It’s certainly not as fun as… taunting a chuck guy?

Even Wheel’s social media team admitted that Ben had a point.