Will ‘Yellowjackets’ Have A Bonus Episode Before Season 3?

Congratulations Citizen Detectives, you were right.

After weeks of fans theorizing that a bonus Yellowjackets episode might have been filmed for season two, the show’s creator is now confirming that a special episode of the series will likely air before its third season drops. Co-creator Ashley Lyle responded to a fan’s tweet this week theorizing that a new episode of the show might surprise viewers by landing on Showtime’s streaming platform on June 2nd. While she debunked the timing, Lyle did admit a bonus installment would be airing at some point to tide fans over until the season three premiere.

Currently, the writer’s strike has stalled Lyle and partner Bart Nickerson’s storytelling plans which means Yellowjackets fans will likely have a longer wait until the genre-bending thriller picks up from season two’s shocking finale. But the prospect of a drawn-out hiatus hasn’t stopped Reddit sleuths from theorizing about what the gifted extra episode might be about. Before season two premiered, the cast confirmed that actor Jason Ritter — husband to star Melanie Lynskey — would make an appearance on the show. Set photos of a mustachioed Ritter dressed in period garb holding a baby soon emerged. Though Ritter’s character didn’t pop up in season two’s scheduled run, fans now think the show’s bonus episode might be a flashback focusing on him as the mysterious “Cabin Daddy” whose bony corpse the girls stumbled upon back in season one.

Whether the entire episode will be dedicated to fleshing out one of the show’s central mysteries, or whether we’ll see some of the fallout from the present-day “hunt” that claimed Natalie’s (Juliette Lewis) life, we’re still not sure, but if Lyle and company are taking requests, might we suggest a Halloween-timed showing? Christmas seems too far out — and we don’t trust Walter with hot cocoa duties.

(Via Screenrant)