Heavily Tattooed Alan Ritchson Introduced (And Trolled) The Miracle Worker Who Makes His Disappearing-Ink Magic Happen

The Alan Ritchson you know and love (you know, that one) isn’t the man you think he is. On Reacher, he’s a jacked up man with bare arms. In real life, he looks roughly the same, but has a ton of tattoos. It really changes things.

In order to conceal his ink, Ritchson has a talented makeup artist cover them up, and he must spend a lot of time with her, considering the amount of tattoos he has. The actor took to Instagram to introduce the world to the miracle-working Kat Crisp, a.k.a. his makeup artist, who “makes all those big scary tattoos go bye bye when I have to film.”

He added:

This is us yesterday after she dipped me in a vat of acid to burn them off. I always say it hurts so bad, but she says it’s the only way. She travels with me to each project so she can keep zapping that evil ink away. It’s her favorite thing to do in life, so she tells me! I know she loves her job because she smiles a lot when I tell her I’m getting another. She also likes corners. She tells me she curls up and rocks herself in them all the time as soon as I leave. Especially right after I tell her I’m getting a new tattoo which is weird.

As if that wasn’t enough to put her through, Ritchson then admitted he would be getting another tatt this weekend. “Oh and guess what!? I’m getting another tattoo this weekend! A big one! When do you think we should tell @katvonpire ??” At this point, she probably already knows.

What do you think Ritchson will get for his next tattoo? If it’s anything like his others, he might need a new tube of concealer.

You can catch Ritchson without his tattoos on Reacher, which streams on Amazon Prime.