‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson Shared His ‘Quick’ Workout For ‘Naked Scenes’

Want to look like Reacher? Well, unless you’re 6′ 3″ and appear like you can knock down a tree with a single punch, good luck. But Reacher star Alan Ritchson provided some tips on how anyone can bulk up for Hot Reacher Summer — especially if you have a nude scene on the horizon.

“Have naked scenes coming up?” he wrote on Instagram (I don’t but thank you for asking). “Here’s a quick pre work workout pump for you. 30 min or less.” Ritchson’s routine, which he filmed and shared, begins with a “new PR on the stairs,” followed by 4 x 25 low cable fly, 4 x 25 shoulder press (“with some Arnolds mixed in”), turn around, 4 x 25 high row, 4 x 25 leg press at 300 pounds or 4 x 15 at 400 pounds, and finally, 4 x 25 calf raises.

This is the only way to beat Even Bigger Reacher.

Ritchson previously told Men’s Health that he eats 4,000 calories per day when he’s in Reacher mode. “If I stop working out for a little bit, and I’m still on that, I’ve trained my body to eat 4,000 calories a day, it would take me about three weeks to blow up,” he explained. “So it does take a lot of consistency. I work out about five days a week. It’s got to be a lifestyle.”

The man works hard for his cookie dough.

Reacher returns to Prime Video for season 3 in 2025.

(Via Alan Ritchson/Instagram)