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03.21.19 45 mins ago

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Congressman Devin Nunes’ Attempt To Sue A Parody Twitter Account Has Only Helped It Explode In Popularity

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The President Retweeted A Two-Year Old, Context-Less TSA Pat Down Video, Stoking Hysteria

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Trump Is Escalating His Attack On Kellyanne Conway’s Husband, Rage-Tweeting That He’s A ‘Stone Cold LOSER And Husband From Hell’

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A Fake Tom Ford Quote Has Trump Supporters So Mad That They’re Threatening To…Wait For It…Boycott His Clothes

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HBO’s Theranos Documentary About Silicon Valley Con-Artist Elizabeth Holmes Had People Absolutely Riveted

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$160 Flights To Japan Lead This Week’s Cheap Flights And Travel Deals

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Jack The Ripper May Have Been Identified, According To New DNA Tests

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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Is Making The Case That Trump Is Seriously Losing His Mind

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