Did Alex Jones Lose His Sh*t In A Fried Chicken Joint Because He Was Served Curly Fries? Seems Plausible!

Alex Jones isn’t exactly what most individuals would describe as a “stable” person, as evidenced by such on-air stunts as recently threatening to cut his finger off on live TV to show his viewers how much he loved them. While some people believe that the Infowars host’s over-the-top persona is all a bit of performance art, Jones himself fiercely denies these assertions. In a way, whether or not Jones believes his own conspiracy theories—like how the liners in our soda cans are causing men’s penises to shrink, or how we’re all destined to become cyborg slaves of Satan—really doesn’t matter, as Jones it totally committed to the role.

So it was hardly surprising when journalist Will Black posted a video to Twitter that captured Jones in the midst of a total meltdown while supposedly grabbing a bite to eat at what appears to be ​​Lucy’s Fried Chicken, a restaurant in Austin, Texas.

It’s hard to make out exactly why Jones is so angry or really much of what he’s saying, but what we do witness is the conspiracy theorist making enough of a scene that nearly everyone in the restaurant seems to be turned around and watching. As bystanders are recording Jones’ outburst, he is recording them right back—and losing. As Mediaite reports, one man can be heard telling Jones to “eat shit,” while another diner tells Jones to leave. His defense? “I already was leaving!”

At one point, a waitress comes over, presumably to calm everyone down, but walks away—exasperated—just as quickly. Seconds later, another individual, presumably a manager, approaches the bickering crowd and seems to suggest that it would be best if Jones would just leave. Instead, however, Jones attacks one of the diner’s patriotism (LOL) by calling him a “slob” and stating that “We never would have founded the country with big-ass wimps like you.”

When the object of Jones’ tirade just sort of laughs at him, Jones yells that “You’re the one who wants to run your fat libtard mouth!”

A few hours after the video was posted, Mediaite reported that it was actually an old clip that was filmed in 2019. Which doesn’t really make it any less enjoyable to watch—especially if the note running with it is correct, and it’s true that what got Jones’ knickers in a twist in the first place was that he was given curly fries with his order, which is not what he had asked for. (He does seem like a steak fry kind of guy.)

(Via Mediaite)