Wacky Alex Jones Tried To Show His Viewers How Much He Appreciates Them In The Most Alex Jones Way Possible: By Cutting Off His Finger On Live TV

Nobody really knows why Alex Jones does the things he does. And the more bizarre his behavior, the more “because he’s Alex Jones” seems to be a satisfactory explanation to whatever shouty shenanigans he’s getting up to. But even the most dedicated Infowars viewers — we’re talking the kind of people who believed that JFK Jr. was going to reemerge and make Donald Trump president again — seemed confused by Jones’s recent brush with on-air self-injury.

As Mediaite reports, Jones was feeling a lot of love for his viewers and listeners on Sunday night, and somehow decided that cutting his finger off on live television would be the best way to share the fondness he was feeling…

The congratulatory diatribe took a bit of a U-turn when Jones pulled a large knife out and explained how he wanted to cut his finger off to prove his love to his viewers:

We have been given nothing but success, nothing but victory. It has been spectacular. And you, the viewers and listeners, you did this! And that’s why when I salute you — I’m not into self-harming — but I just actually want to take this dagger and just cut a finger off right on air to show you how much I appreciate you and what you’ve done. ‘Cause giving up a finger to beat these people is nothing!

You have changed the world! You have stood up against evil. You have turned the tide and I salute you. And I thank you You’ve got that from the very bottom of my heart. You’ve got my full commitment, ’cause you need to know in the universe, they’re real people. You need to know in the universe there’s people like you, who are not evil, who don’t serve Satan.

That’s why they all day say I’m an actor. All day say I’m a fake. All day say I’m a fraud with no evidence. Because they know I didn’t sell out to them.

Nor did he cut his finger off, so… you be the judge of whether he’s an actor, fake, and/or a fraud.

(Via Mediaite)