McDonald’s Asked The Internet For New Sandwich Creations, Aaaaand Everything’s On Fire

McDonald’s is the place to be to get free WiFi as well as free Pokemon (well, in Japan at least), but it’s also the place to go to get a brand new Sadness Burger™ if these user-submitted suggestions ever come to pass. Yes, McDonald’s thought it would be a good idea to let the internet build — and name — their own versions of McDonald’s sandwiches, and, yes, corporations will never, ever learn.

First there was “orange juice and toothpaste” and other tasty potato chip flavors submitted to Lay’s Do Us A Flavor, then there was the user-submitted silliness of Pacific Rim‘s Jaeger designer, then there was a thorough razzle dazzling of EA’s Madden GIF generator, then Bill Cosby’s social media team probably got fired (so fired), then we fell in love with Boaty McBoatface, and now McDonald’s Make Burger History has fallen to the siren call of crowdsourcing. Dorkly explains:

The New Zealand branch of the franchise launched its “Create Your Taste” campaign with a special promotion: Design your own burger and get free fries and a soft drink for your trouble. Not a bad idea in theory, but then there’s the part where they let everyone share their hideous creations. There was no way that someone somewhere at the company didn’t speak up at one point and say “Hey uh, you know that the internet is just going to create the most offensive and terrible burgers possible, right?”

Unfortunately, it appears McDonald’s Make Burger History caught on to the shenanigans, because the site is now either heavily-moderated or just simply on lock down after being overwhelmed with pranksters trying to come up with the saddest, grossest, and silliest combinations. (And the most racist ones, but we’re not going to highlight any of that garbage.) Even if McDonald’s finally caught wise, we’ll always have these screencaps to enjoy, although we’ll likely not be seeing any of these incredibly inappropriate offerings next to garlic fries or cheeseless mozzarella sticks in a test market or secret menu any time soon. (All pictures via Dorkly and NeoGAF.)


(Via Make Burger History, Dorkly, and NeoGAF)