McDonald’s Asked The Internet For New Sandwich Creations, Aaaaand Everything’s On Fire

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07.21.16 8 Comments

McDonald’s is the place to be to get free WiFi as well as free Pokemon (well, in Japan at least), but it’s also the place to go to get a brand new Sadness Burger™ if these user-submitted suggestions ever come to pass. Yes, McDonald’s thought it would be a good idea to let the internet build — and name — their own versions of McDonald’s sandwiches, and, yes, corporations will never, ever learn.

First there was “orange juice and toothpaste” and other tasty potato chip flavors submitted to Lay’s Do Us A Flavor, then there was the user-submitted silliness of Pacific Rim‘s Jaeger designer, then there was a thorough razzle dazzling of EA’s Madden GIF generator, then Bill Cosby’s social media team probably got fired (so fired), then we fell in love with Boaty McBoatface, and now McDonald’s Make Burger History has fallen to the siren call of crowdsourcing. Dorkly explains:

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