McDonald’s Garlic Fries Are So Good They’ve Completely Sold Out At Their Test Locations

Garlic fries: apparently San Franciscans are lovin’ it. So much so, in fact, that the four McDonald’s test locations for the said baskets of garlic-and-parsley-drenched goodness have sold out of them entirely in the less-than-two-weeks since they’ve been offered.

The sad, sad news was announced in a tweet from McDonald’s Bay Area:

The fries, which were sold coated with a blend of locally-sourced garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and salt, were only officially introduced to the Bay Area McDonald’s test locations on May 3.

“Being that we’re located close to the ‘Garlic Capitol of the World,’ it was only natural that we’d want to create an offering that showcases this local flavor,” Nick Vergis, McDonald’s co-op president for the San Francisco Bay Area, told SFGate when the fries were originally released. The promise was that the fries would be expanded to the nearly 250 other Bay Area locations by August, if they were popular enough.

And yeah, the fries were definitely popular. Shots of the #gilroygarlicfries abound on Instagram:

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Crack at the drive thru. #mcdonalds #gilroygarlicfries

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Here’s hoping the fry shortage is confirmation enough that Bay Area residents want Gilroy Garlic Fries on their menu for good. In the meantime, there’s a bit of good news: Gilroy Garlic Fries are nothing new to the Bay Area. They’re available at San Francisco’s AT&T Park any old time, and you can also find copycat recipes online. Get some McDonald’s fries, stir up the coating…sounds like a recipe for repellent breath and a happy stomach.

But if they do come back to the Bay Area, well, we’ll probably drive out there just to try them. Can the McDonald’s Road Trip be a thing?