Chris Evans Had A Snowplow Joke For Jeremy Renner, Who Had A Response For His Fellow Avenger

Jeremy Renner did not have the greatest start to 2023. He suffered a near-fatal snowplow accident yet miraculously seemed to be in good spirits while posting social media updates from his hospital bed. Despite the Mayor Of Kingstown star’s upbeat attitude, reports indicated that his injuries were much worse than originally reported.

Renner has now opened up more about his grueling recovery, and given that the snowplow nearly crushed him, what he’s detailing makes horrific sense. Over the weekend, he expressed endless gratitude for the support of friends, fans, and family. He also revealed that he endured 30 broken bones, which Renner vows “will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens.”

“Ouch” is my first response, and I’m probably not alone in that sentiment. Fortunately, fellow Avenger Chris Evans knew that it was time to seize the moment and fire up a joke. This actually sounds like something that Cap and Bucky would say to each other back in the day, but here’s Evans doing it himself: “That’s one tough mf’er. Has anyone even checked on the snowcat???”

Renner saw the response and had a ready response: “Love you brother…. I did check on the snow cat, she needs fuel.”

Given that the snowcat weighed 14,000 pounds, it’s a miracle that Renner is alive to exchange jokes with his buddy. Hopefully, his positive outlook will lead him to as smooth of a recovery as possible this year.