Don Jr. Is Once Again Insisting That He Doesn’t Snort Cocaine

After some white powder, later identified as cocaine, was found in a well-traversed part of the White House, conservatives classily made jokes about Hunter Biden, the president’s son, who suffers addiction issues. But that only opened them up to other jokes about another presidential scion: Don Jr., whose amped-up speeches and videos have regularly been deemed coke-like. Jr. has always insisted he’s not into blow, and now he’s at it again.

As per The Daily Beast, Jr. spoke at the far right Turning Point Action conference on Sunday, where he inevitably brought up Blowgate. He naturally turned it into a riff on his own sense of self-victimization, claiming that had the nose candy been found during the Trump administration, everyone would have pointed the finger at him. (He’s right about that, but perhaps he’s earned it.)

“My guys who I stayed in touch with—many of them just dear friends—they’re like, ‘Hey dude, there’s no way you would’ve gotten away with that,’” Jr. told the crowd. “I go, ‘I know!’ Luckily, I don’t snort, uh, cocaine! It’s just not my thing.”

That Jr. said this while gesticulating wildly and speaking in his usual braying, hyperactive style made his claim all the more convincing.

The White House cocaine inevitably prompted a meltdown from the GOP, with Marjorie Taylor Greene accusing Joe Biden — surely one of the chilliest presidents in history — of being a potential cokehead. Jr.’s dad went arguably the furthest, saying the drug caused Biden to order the feds and the Justice Department to raid Mar-a-Lago. Things got so out-of-hand that Kayleigh McEnany was the right’s voice of reason.

(Via The Daily Beast)