Don Jr. Is Taking His Obnoxiously Loud, Manic Act To Australia To Spread MAGA Right-Wing Extremism Down Under

The Trump family is taking its MAGA act on the road. Don Jr., the second-favorite child of former president Donald Trump, announced via Twitter that he has plans to travel to Australia this summer in order to spread the bigoted, fear-mongering philosophy that got his dad elected, then impeached … twice. The shouting nepo baby is taking his finger-quotes and big cocaine-guy energy Down Under in July with the aim of pushing Trump’s Make America Great Again message, just with an Aussie twist.

“Interestingly enough, great MAGA fan base,” Don Jr. said. “I think they saw their rights being infringed, the insanity that went on there around COVID, and they understand the existential threat to the West that’s taken root. The disease of woke identity politics and cancel culture that’s crippled so much of the U.S. has just taken root there and we need to stop it.”

Considering how well Australia handled the pandemic compared to the U.S., making COVID restrictions one of his mob-galvanizing talking points might not be the best move for this Kendall Roy wannabe. And why Australia, you might ask? Because decades ago, Don Jr. spent a month backpacking there in college and suddenly, he’s an expert on the country’s culture and its politics.

Now, who’s going to break the news that he can’t carry his emotional support firearm with him through customs?

(Via Mediaite)