Don Jr. Had Something He Was Itching To Say But Sean Hannity Out-Blowharded Him And Then Ended The Interview Before He Could Say It

Donald Trump Jr. can’t be happy about reports of the Manhattan DA investigating him as part of a criminal probe into the Trump family businesses. He’s also been very amped up about the like The Muppets (and their faux-cancelation) and teacher’s unions while appearing in front of a wall of guns. That doesn’t even begin to approach his recent slurry Motel 6 video, but on Thursday evening, Don Jr. made it his mission to defend his dad’s refusal to accept election results while speaking with Sean Hannity.

During the interview, Don Jr. declared that his dad is better than most Republicans, who would “rather lose gracefully, I guess.” That’s not really a plan that I would go with, but it’s what they’ve done.” This discussion continued for about seven minutes, and when things were over for Hannity, Don Jr. certainly wasn’t ready to say goodbye. And the eldest Trump son got all kinds of flustered while trying to get a word in while Hannity powered through with his own declarations. And then, boom, bye for now, Don Jr.

Here’s what happened: “When you really want to say something but Hannity ends the interview mid-sentence.”

It was super awkward, to say the least. Don Jr. is not used to someone cutting off his energy. That messes with his amped-up mojo that he’s usually letting fly in lengthy Rumble videos. People really enjoyed this spectacle.

Don Jr. is scheduled to speak at CPAC on Friday, where I assume that he won’t be cut off by anyone. Should be fun!

You can watch Don Jr.’s full interview with Hannity below.