An Amped Up Don Jr. Is Now Posting G.I. Joe Font-Emblazoned Videos Of Himself Ranting Madly About Teachers Unions (Or Something) In Front Of A Wall Of Guns

Donald Trump’s exile to Florida continues weeks after he left the White House and Joe Biden became president. Saturday brought word that we might see him appear at a conservative convention later in the month, but his son, Donald Trump Jr., has done plenty of appearing in his father’s stead in increasingly bizarre videos he’s posting online.

While the elder Trump remains deplatformed on Twitter, Don Jr. is finding a number of ways to get his unhinged videos out to his supporters, with a weirdly frenetic energy that made him (and some illict drug references) trend on Twitter on Saturday morning when his latest video dropped on Sunday.

The video, which is about teachers unions and safety in reopening schools during a still-ongoing and extremely deadly pandemic.

“Whatever happened to follow the science,” Trump Jr. asks, shaking the camera and turning the wall of guns behind him into a Mr. Krabs meme of sorts. The video clip most people posted online doesn’t really go anywhere as far as rhetoric, but most people were extremely distracted by his Men In Black backdrop of firearms wall-mounted and the bizarre way the video is shot. While talking about teachers and schoolchildren.

Even Monica Lewinski was concerned.

The GI Joe-inspired font of the ‘Don Jr.’ in the video also got plenty of attention, too.

‘Amped as hell” seems to be Trump Jr.’s standard operating procedure these days, so don’t you can really only expect more videos with more and more guns in the background moving forward.