Don Jr. Released Another Bizarre, Amped-Up Rant While News Swirled Of Him Being Investigated By The Manhattan DA

Donald Trump Jr. is angry. That’s an understatement, of course, but he’s obviously very booty-hurt over his dad being booted out of the White House. So, he’s diverting a lot by ranting about seemingly random subjects like The Muppets and teacher’s unions while appearing in front of a wall of guns. It is strange! Of course, we expect strangeness from Don Jr, he of the slurry Motel 6 video, and this morning, Don Jr. is the subject of reports that really don’t look so great for Don Jr

In short, Donald Trump’s business empire is under scrutiny in a criminal probe by the Manhattan DA, and according to the Daily Beast, Don Jr. very much being investigated as part of this probe. So how is Don Jr. handling this scrutiny? By filming more amped-up rants. He recently filmed a vlog about how he’s sick of Mitt Romney (who he also recently called a “pussy”). And then he dropped his latest wild-dyed Don Jr. special, in which he’s accusing Biden of keeping “kids in cages” at the border.

Ted Cruz is also pulling the same routine also by retweeting a Babylon Bee (parody) article to this effect. The conspiracy-theory crowd is catching on and attempting to say that it’s really Biden, not Trump, whose administration is keeping kids in cages, so the Washington Post and other outlets are debunking the rumors in an effort to halt the lies. That hasn’t stopped Don Jr. in the above video, but people are not fooled. They know that Don Jr. is simply diverting, diverting, diverting.

Here’s a good way to put it: “Good morning to everyone who isn’t being investigated by the Manhattan DA’s office only.”