Don Jr.’s Outrage Over ‘The Muppets’ Being ‘Canceled’ Is Being Mocked For The Most Obvious Flaw In Logic

If you thought Donald Trump Jr. would retreat from the spotlight following his disgraced dad’s exit from the White House, you were wrong, but you may not be too upset to be wrong, given that Don Jr. seems determined to keep us all entertained. He’s still amped up and ranting wildly while having exchanged his Motel 6 background for a wall of guns over the weekend. And he’s never deterred from his causes, not even when he should probably be embarrassed for thinking that Texas’ governor is Democrat (that would be news to Greg Abbott). So, what’s Don Jr. up to on this fine Monday morning? He’s angry about The Muppets being “canceled.”

That doesn’t make sense, of course. The Muppets are riding high with all five seasons landing on Disney+ late last week. That’s excellent news, other than for people whose feathers are ruffled because 18 episodes arrived with content warnings of “negative depictions or mistreatment of people or cultures,” as with the episode where Johnny Cash sings in a barn where the Confederate flag is present. “These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now,” the disclaimer reads, and yes, Don Jr. is very offended.

“Apparently The Muppets have now been canceled,” tweeted Trump’s messiest son. “There’s nothing these psychos won’t destroy… Liberalism is a disease.”

Don Jr. is not alone in his right-wing grumpiness over the issue. Fox Business went to town while covering the story, which led to this surreal screencap.

What Don Jr. completely fails to see is that “cancellation” would mean that The Muppets got yanked off Disney+ altogether when that clearly is not the case. In fact, given that the beloved show made its Disney+ debut a few days ago, The Muppets are the very opposite of cancelled, and people are letting Don Jr. know what’s up.

Well, maybe Don Jr. will make a video to explain what the heck he’s thinking. Can’t wait to see the background on his next vlogging installment.