Don Jr.’s Ex-Mistress Is Just As Aghast Over His Glassy-Eyed, Slurred Speech ‘Motel 6’ Rant As Everyone Else

Donald Trump Jr.’s been on a (disturbing) roll lately, alright. He recently appeared on Fox News is such a weird, amped-up state that people wondered if an intervention was in order. He also denied rumors that he was blitzed out of his mind at the RNC, and it’s hard to ignore those previous suspicious instances while beholding his weekend rant about Hunter Biden that led to a lot of “Motel 6” jokes and the masses wondering exactly what’s going on with the sitting president’s eldest son.

In the video, Don Jr. didn’t appear to be all-there while slurring his words and moving his mouth all strange-like while seemingly struggling to push out words. Of course, the video has been preserved for posterity by the Internet with both a #Motel6 hashtag and a reference toward the David Hasselhoff burger-eating debacle of 2007. Amid all of the jokes, Don Jr.’s ex-mistress, Aubrey O’Day (a Danity Kane singer who appeared on The Celebrity Appearance in 2011, and who was discovered exchanging “sexy” text messages with Don Jr. by his wife at the time, Vanessa), also saw the mess.

At first, Aubrey had one word to describe the video: “wtf.”

Then came the inevitable question from a Twitter user: “[W]as he always like this?… i guess we all have lapses we regret.” To that, Aubrey replied, “He wasn’t that. trust me.”

Still, Aubrey can’t get the video out of her mind. Two days later, she posted a bewildered GIF in response to Don Jr.’s amped-up state on Fox News.

As of now, there’s been no official response from Don Jr.’s camp on the “Motel 6” video.