Eric Trump Would Like You To Know That People Are Fighting To Buy Him Dinner Because The FBI Raided His Daddy’s Gaudy Resort Home

Eric Trump would like you to believe that Americans are so mad about how the FBI is treating his family that they’re fighting amongst themselves to pay his dinner tab.

Trump’s most-forgotten-about middle child went on Sean Hannity’s show Monday to spin a wild yarn about how beloved he is by MAGA supporters — enough that they’re apparently jumping over each other to pay for his steak dinner (which he probably orders well-done with ketchup on the side.) Trump told Hannity he was out to eat with his wife Laura recently when an argument ensued between two patrons over who would get the privilege of paying for the nepo baby’s meal.

“Last night, I had an argument between two people who were trying to buy Lara and I dinner to apologize for what the United States Government has done to our family,” Trump said. “You wouldn’t believe the energy out there, I have been through all of these firestorms over the years, I have never seen America more mad than it is right now.”

Trump is presumably talking about the recent FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and the 11 boxes of classified material seized by the government, material Donald Trump was required by law to hand over before he left office. Those boxes allegedly contained everything from presidential pardon information to dossiers on fellow world leaders to materials on our nuclear weapons program. Trump first claimed he had declassified the documents (he didn’t have the power to do so), then claimed they were planted by FBI agents (they weren’t), then threw a fit that the government had stolen his passports (they didn’t). Still, Eric Trump is really lapping up this chance to play the victim, telling Hannity, “They are targeting Donald Trump, they are targeting his family, everyone around him, his lawyers, anybody who is close to Donald Trump. Anybody who is effective, they are targeting right now.”

“Effective” feels like high praise for a guy whose own father probably has to have a daily calendar alert to remind himself his middle son even exists but sure, enjoy that free charred cow meat, Eric.

(Via Newsweek)