‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Steve Doocy Has Had Enough Of Trump’s Dangerous Anti-FBI Rhetoric

Following last week’s Mar-a-Lago search, there’s been a dramatic spike in threats against the FBI and Steve Doocy is not liking where this is going. During Monday morning’s episode of Fox & Friends, Doocy specifically called on Donald Trump to pull back on his criticism of the bureau after agents searched his Florida residence. A FBI field office in Cincinnati has already been attacked resulting in the death of the gunman, and the situation has only exacerbated after it was revealed that Trump is under investigation for violating the Espionage Act.

Via Mediaite:

“With all of these threats going around, it would ultimately be great if the former president, who has always been a great supporter of law enforcement and who has posed with 1000 police departments coast to coast — it would be great if he called for an end to the violent rhetoric against federal law enforcement and, in particular, the FBI that was just doing their job,” Doocy said.

While co-host Brian Kilmeade tried to steer the conversation towards the agency treating Democrats differently, Doocy stayed on track and reiterated that the FBI agents were just doing their job. However, things went slightly sideways as Doocy suggested that the scrutiny and attention should be pointed towards Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“If you want to personify that search, look to the attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland is the one who has staked his entire reputation on it,” Doocy said. “If there’s not something really big there, he’s done.”

(Via Mediaite)