‘Fox & Friends’ Spent A Whole Segment Defending Kanye West Then Had To Backtrack When They, Uh, Actually Read His Tweets

The weekend team at Fox & Friends had to do some serious backtracking after rushing to Kanye West‘s defense when the rapper was censored on social media. Will Cain and Pete Hegseth did not see the Instagram post that got Kanye’s account restricted for claiming that Diddy is controlled by Jewish people. Oddly, Rachel Campos-Duffy did see the post, and yet still defended West on Saturday morning by suggesting that there’s a target on his back because he did an interview with Tucker Carlson.

“They had to cut him down,” Campos-Duffy said to the agreement of Cain and Hegseth. “We’re in this weird era where people can’t just say what they want to say. This idea you have to just shut down his account is just, it’s totally totalitarian, totally anti-American. It’s just wrong.”

However, the situation markedly changed on Sunday morning after Kanye had his Twitter account restricted following his threat to go “death con 3 on Jewish people.” More importantly, Cain and Hegseth were now fully aware of Kanye’s antisemitic posts, and there were a lot of awkward faces as Hegseth tried to downplay their defense of the rapper from the previous day. Via Mediaite:

“Pretty ugly,” Cain agreed, as Hegseth added “It’s ugly.”

“We talked about it earlier without knowing about these tweets and saying of course they’re going to put a target, after what he said with Tucker, there’s going to be a target, no doubt,” Hegseth said. “But in this particular case, he brought the target.”

Despite Cain and Hegseth backtracking on their previous defense of Kanye, Campos-Duffy notably did not join her co-hosts in condemning the tweets. Instead, she seemingly doubled down on her earlier remarks by saying, “The question is should he be removed from Instagram and who gets to decide that?”

We’re guessing anyone who knows blatant antisemitism when they see it? Just off the top of our heads.

(Via Mediaite)