A Former GOP Congressman Is Convinced Former Colleagues Louie Gohmert And Paul Gosar Have ‘Serious Cognitive Issues’

The above features a far-right quartet, including Rep. Louis Gohmert, speaking out against the alleged mistreatment suffered by January 6 rioters. He, along with Rep. Paul Gosar, are accompanied by MAGA cheerleaders Marjorie Taylor Greene (who has been very vocal on the issue) and Matt Gaetz, so even if you’re not familiar with the two less-familiar names, you realize what aura took over the press conference. As well, a former GOP congressman isn’t having it and is now speaking out about his ex-colleagues.

Let’s just say that Dennis Riggleman didn’t hold back while telling everyone what he really thought of Gohmert and Gosar. Riggleman did so (via The Guardian) in a book, Breach, in which he came down on the pair, who “seemed to be joined at the brain stem when it came to their eagerness to believe wild, dramatic fantasies about Democrats, the media and big tech.” He blasted their love of “unhinged conspiracy theories,” and here’s even more:

[During] meetings, Riggleman “would come to see that Gohmert was one of a few colleagues who had gone deep down the rabbit hole… I came to believe Gosar and Gohmert may have had serious cognitive issues.”

Riggleman also calls Gosar “a blatant white supremacist,” describing him and the Iowa Republican Steve King “making a case for white supremacy over pulled pork and ribs.”

The former lawmaker from Virginia has certainly tangled with MAGA fanaticism both at work and at home. Riggleman also recently detailed how his own mother grew to be a MAGA enthusiast and practically disowned him after he refused go to the same far-right extremes and, horror upon horrors, received praise from Democratic colleagues. As for Gohmert, there’s no telling how he’s still hanging onto his teeth after apparently losing one during a 2020 press conference.

(Via The Guardian)