A Former GOP Congressman Says His MAGA Mom Essentially Disowned Him After He Publicly Criticized Trump

Denver Riggleman has got a new kind of mommy issue, the Trump era kind. As The Hill reports, the former Republican congressman was essentially disowned by the woman who gave birth to him after he denounced Trump and QAnon while appearing on CNN.

Riggleman, who served Virginia’s 5th District for a single term between 2019 and 2021 (and was accused of having a “Bigfoot erotica fetish” by his opponent in 2018), reveals the dirty details of he and his mom’s political brouhaha in a new book, Breach, which he has been promoting as a behind-the-scenes look at the January 6th Committee, where he was previously a senior staffer. While the bulk of the book is about the Capitol riots directly, Riggleman did include some personal anecdotes — including how it broke his mom’s heart to see him attacking those wacky followers of Q and, by extension, Donald Trump.

On October 14, 2020, Riggleman sat down with Jake Tapper to express his growing concern about Trump’s very public embrace of the QAnon community and its wackadoo theories — which did not sit well with Mama Riggleman.

“What will it take to wake you up, son,” Riggleman’s mom apparently texted him. “I love you so, but cannot stand by and listen to your elitist attitude and being praised by elitist journalist and democrats.”

She finished her tirade by congratulating him for being “part of the swamp” then told him: “I’m sorry you were ever elected.” (Ouch!) “You are officially a politician,” she continued. “I have cried over you and my heart is broken by you.”

“I knew my mom and I were not on the same page politically, but this is something else,” Riggleman writes in Breach. “Any hope for a mostly normal relationship seemed dim. She was damn near disavowing me.”

So one can only hope that Riggleman’s mom wasn’t watching 60 Minutes this weekend, as the former congressman appeared and stood by his previous claim that there are texts providing “irrefutable, time-stamped proof of a comprehensive plot at all levels of government to overturn the election.”

Though Riggleman wrote that he and his mom were able to reconnect when they came together to support his sister during a health crisis, he hasn’t given up hope on one day changing her mind regarding Trump — and never disclosed his work with the January 6th Committee to her.

“If I can help even one person turn away from this fringe conspiracy culture or recognize Trump for the un-American grifter that he is, it would make everything worth it,” Riggleman writes. “I’d be especially happy if that one person was my mom.”

(Via The Hill)