Is Kim Kardashian Still Dating Pete Davidson?

Following Kanye West‘s now-deleted Super Bowl Sunday rant about Pete Davidson who’s reportedly been dating Kim Kardashian, it’s fair to ask if the Saturday Night Live star and reality TV mogul are even still together. The answer, as of this writing, is yes. Just hours after Kanye’s Instagram tirade, Kardashian and Davidson were photographed going to dinner in Brooklyn, far away from Kanye who was reportedly attending the Super Bowl with daughter, North, and son, Saint. Via Daily Mail:

There was no missing Kim in her opulent fringe coat, silver dress and metallic boots while her boyfriend kept it considerably more casual with his crisp baggy jeans and flannel shirt. Ever the doting boyfriend, Pete held the car door open for Kim as they arrived to the eatery together in an SUV.

Shortly after she hosted SNL in October 2021, rumors of Kardashian and Davidson started spreading like wildfire through the tabloids. While the couple initially kept things quiet, it wasn’t long before they were stopping to pose with fans in public. Things took a notably serious turn in early February when Davidson began officially referring to Kardashian as his girlfriend. However, that development was followed by Kanye’s latest meltdown.

The rapper has not been a fan of the relationship and has already threatened to beat Davidson along with harassing Kardashian by claiming to have a second sex tape of her and Ray J. (Both parties have denied a second tape exists.) In short, while Kardashian and Davidson are currently dating, Kanye is doing everything in his power to put an end to the relationship even though he’s acknowledged that it would take an “act of God” for Kardashian to get back together with him.

(Via Daily Mail)