Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Paused A Breakfast Date To Take Pics With A Fan

While everyone dining at Beverly Hills Hotel this past Saturday morning was served up a satisfying meal, for one Dutch tourist, breakfast came with quite the show. On November 27 (and mere weeks after debuting their new relationship), socialite Kim Kardashian and actor/comedian Pete Davidson were spotted by Paul Barewijk, a Dutch music journalist on vacation, sharing breakfast together at the hotel’s restaurant.

According to Barewijk (via Page Six), he was chatting on the phone with his mom when he first recognized Davidson. Moments later, he realized the Saturday Night Live star was accompanied by new love interest Kardashian, and quickly approached the couple to ask for photos with them. Barewijk then took to Instagram to share the star-studded photos, captioning them with a very enthusiastic, “OMG MAKE ME CRAZY! SITTING NEXT TO KIM KARDASHIAN AND PETE DAVIDSON FOR BREAKFAST!”

While there’s been no shortage of skepticism regarding the legitimacy of Kardashian, 41, and Davidson’s, 28, relationship, according to Barewijk the couple definitely seemed like “more than” friends at breakfast — which might come as a bit of a bummer to the still grieving Kanye West. Barewijk told Page Six that “it seemed like a true date,” adding that while there was “no kissing,” “they were very close with each other.”

Barewijk went on to say that both Kardashian and Davidson were very kind towards his request for photos, both happily obliging him and Davidson offering to hold the camera for a proper selfie. The Dutch tourist then proceeded to tell Davidson “people in The Netherlands like him because of SNL,” making Barewijk the second person to theorize about just why Davidson is so damn charming in the past couple weeks.