Jared Kushner Sparked A Common Sentiment With His Reemergence As Part Of The January 6 Hearings

Republicans love Top Gun: Maverick to the point where they argued for people to watch it instead of tuning into the January 6 hearings. Fox News is sort-of covering the event, but not showing it on air, only on streaming. And The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is grabbing the popcorn and waiting for the fireworks to begin regarding MAGA enthusiasts attempting to overthrow the government (via a coup) in defense of Donald Trump.

Well, those fireworks might be forthcoming, but to get things started, we’ve got Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner in his public comeback. Despite reports that he flew the coop (pun fully intended) when Rudy Giuliani flew off the handle and focused on a writing masterclass (or something), Jared still very much exists in this universe. And his video interview with Rep. Liz Cheney was notable for one thing: he irritated the heck out of people who forgot that he existed.

Here’s The Kush telling Cheney that he categorized White House counsel Pat Cipollone as only “whining” when he threatened to walk off the job after January 6.

This was quite an introduction and reemergence from the alleged slumlord.

Yes, Jared Kushner, former White House senior advisor and the guy who pledged to bring peace to the Middle East (this did not happen), is back. And people are annoyed as heck about it.



Also, remember the reported $2 billion check received by Kushner? You’re not alone.

And the hearings shall continue. Enjoy!