Jared Kushner Is Being Mocked For ‘Bringing Peace’ To The Middle East While Earning Millions While Working In The White House

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed from March, former-White House senior advisor and Slender Man body double Jared Kushner declared an end to the conflict in the Middle East. “We are witnessing the last vestiges of what has been known as the Arab-Israeli conflict,” he wrote. Guess it’s time to unfurl the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

As the conflict continues to escalate between Israel and Palestine, including Israel launching deadly airstrikes against Gaza, many on Twitter are mocking Kushner for “bringing peace” to the Middle East. “The one positive thing to come out of the Trump administration was Kushner’s brilliance in bringing peace to the Middle East,” director Rob Reiner tweeted, while comedian Nell Scovell added, “Late tonight, while Jared is asleep, Ivanka will slip into the kitchen and quietly remove the ‘I Brought Peace to the Middle East’ mug that she bought him last Chanukah.”

Kushner, who was put in charge of brokering peace in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict by his father-in-law despite no previous foreign relations experience, recently founded “an organization called the Abraham Accords Institute for Peace to work on deepening the normalization agreements he helped strike between Israel and Arab countries,” according to Axios.

Kushner is also writing a book “about his experience in helping broker the deals,” which assuredly won’t mention the “between $172 million and $640 million” he and wife Ivanka Trump made while working in the White House. He’s too busy with all that peace.

(Via Raw Story)