Joe Rogan Is Defending His Hunting Buddy, Chris Pratt, From The ‘Insane People’ Who Attack Him

Despite being one of the biggest stars in Hollywood thanks to the blockbuster success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films, Chris Pratt is often the center of online vitriol to the point where he’s been dubbed the “Worst Chris.” The actor recently kicked up a hornet’s nest of criticism when he was cast as the voice of the beloved video game character Mario and wrote an awkward Instagram post about his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, which many people saw as Pratt talking about her like a “possession.”

As for why Pratt gets so much “hate,” Joe Rogan has a theory: It’s because Pratt is a Christian, “and pretty open about it.” Here’s what the podcaster said during the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. Via Mediaite:

“He’s the nicest f*cking guy I’ve ever met in my life,” the host added. “They’re all insane people that hate their jobs that are sitting in front of the cubicle when their boss isn’t looking they’re tweeting bad things about Chris Pratt.”

Naturally, Pratt and Rogan are hunting buddies, and according to Rogan, he’s never seen Pratt be anything but nice during their trips to Utah.

“He’s genuinely friendly,” Rogan said. “I’ve been in hunting camp with him. He’s nice to everybody. My point is I’ve seen him interact with people. He’s super kind, super normal guy.”

(Via Mediaite)