Dana White Sought Out Joe Rogan’s Advice After Getting COVID, Despite The Fact That He Is Not A Doctor

UFC president Dana White recently tested positive for COVID-19. During an appearance on The Jim Rome Podcast on Wednesday, White, who says he is vaccinated, said that he received word of his positive test after spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Maine, and is currently isolating in his Las Vegas home.

“You’re supposed to stay home and stay away from other people for 10 days,” White said. “That’s what I’m doing. If I test negative, then I will absolutely, positively be [at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night headlined by Jose Aldo vs. Rob Font]. I’ll keep testing every two days until I’m negative and then I’m going to get back to work ASAP.”

As for his course of treatment, White told Rome that he consulted his friend, UFC broadcaster and noted podcast host Joe Rogan. While Rogan has spread misinformation regarding treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, White claims that his consultation with Rogan helped him.

“He said get monoclonal antibodies in you as soon as possible, so I did,” White said. “I had the monoclonal antibodies in me. Then he told me to do a NAD drip. I did that right after. The next day – so Sunday at 8 o’clock at night I have no taste or smell. I get up Tuesday getting ready to shave. Cleaning my razor, I could smell the alcohol. My taste and smell were back by the next day by 11 o’clock. Then I took a dose of ivermectin. Then yesterday I did a vitamin drip, and today I’m doing another NAD drip.

“Rogan has worked with 30 or 40 people that have done this, and he swears by it, and he’s a good friend of mine that I’ve known for over 20 years,” he continued. “I believe in what he’s saying. I’m attacking this thing with the methods Rogan has learned from some very smart people.”

If you test positive for COVID-19, please go to a doctor.