Jon Hamm Helped A Missouri Senate Candidate Create A Brilliantly Surgical Takedown Of Josh Hawley’s Hilariously Dumb ‘Manhood’ Crusade

Sen. Josh Hawley, the MAGA “laughingstock” and “fleeing coward” as branded by his Kansas City hometown paper, will never live down his insurrectionist fist-pumping and cowardly running on January 6. Hawley has somehow also been insisting that American men simply are not masculine enough these days, so of course he decided to write a book called Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs. The book has been both review bombed and lambasted, and it’s awfully silly to stress one’s own alleged masculinity so much because that effort tends to have a counter effect. And if you’re ready to hear this obsession be called out as BS, then Jon Hamm is here to help.

The man who embodied Don Draper surely knows a thing of two about toxic masculinity, so Hamm lent his voice to an ad for Democratic Senate candidate and Marine veteran Lucas Kunce, who walks the walk. As tweeted by Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough, the ad paints a portrait of how “manhood really looks.” The ad perfectly times some of Hawley’s most infamous “hits” (including the insurrection sprint) with damning voiceovers from Hamm, including the following: “In Missouri, you can’t fake courage. We’re the ‘Show Me State.’ Courage is something you have to show us.”

Hamm then effortlessly guides us through how “manhood” is shown through deeds like serving in the Marines, rather than through mere words or by controlling other people (i.e., women) through abortion bans. The actor then concludes, “If you wanna be told about ‘Manhood,’ some guy wrote a book about it. But if you want someone to show you courage, send Lucas Kunce to the U.S. Senate.”

It’s a damn effective ad that is much more convincing at defining “manhood” than Hawley’s curious insistence that he’s full of testosterone or Tucker Carlson’s testicle-tanning montage. Imagine that.