Noted Manly Man Josh Hawley Can’t Run Away From The Terrible (And Hilarious) Reviews Of His Book About ‘Manhood’

Josh Hawley, the “shrimp, wimp, coward” senator who ran away from the same January 6th insurrectionists who he previously gave his fist-pumping support to, wrote a book about manhood. It’s called Manhood (clever!), and if Tucker Carlson was still on Fox News, Hawley would be on his show to discuss his fragile male ego (and porn). Instead, he’ll have to rely on good ol’ word-of-mouth marketing to get people to buy Manhood.

Let’s check in with the reviews on Amazon!

Even for a free copy it is overpriced. Hawley’s sanctimonious instruction of how to beat the most dangerous risk to America—not being manly like him—would be sad if it wasn’t so comical. Arrogance isn’t pretty at the best of times; some times it’s just cringe-worthy.

As a frequent epstein guest, Josh brings us an inside look into child trafficking. In this book he describes the best ways for conservatives to have sex with children.

Don’t waste your time on this joke. Clearly shadow written by an aroused teenager.

Hm, maybe people are nicer on Goodreads.

Manhood: man-hood noun 1. The act of raising a fist, while protected by barricades and Capitol police, to the treasonous masses you’re attempting to fleece, then fleeing like Chicken Little when the same insurrectionists actually storm the Capitol building you’re cowering in.

Not even Josh Hawley can embody his toxic ideal of masculinity. Sad.

Who would read a book about manhood but an utterly feckless, cowardly excuse of a human being. Real men have honor. Josh Hawley is a prideful, self-serving narcissist cosplaying being a man. He knows nothing about honor and bravery unless it coincides with making him look good.

How does a dude who runs away from the angry mob he helped create know anything about being a good human, much less “manhood.” Toxic masculinity isn’t equal to being a good man. Being a good man is being kind, loving, available, open, strong, treating others as equals…none of the attributes Hawley has ever publicly presented.

The idea that Josh Hawley wants to help us be better men is beyond laughable. Admittedly, I only read 40% of the book, but I just couldn’t punish my sensibilities any further. I did go to the trouble of thoroughly researching (or as far as publicly-available info would allow me) Mr. Hawley, and if he’s the prototype for masculinity, then I’m a raging testosterone-flooded monster. Anyone who knows me would contest that — I’m just a good father and husband who was taught how to be a REAL man by my grandfather, one of the toughest, but gentlest, fairest and most responsible person, man or woman, I’ve ever known. Hawley disgraces the real men in this world by the mere fact he would dare preach to others on “how to be a man”. If Mr. Hawley IS the quintessential male, then please, cut my balls off now.

On the plus side for Hawley, Manhood is #1 on Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Political Conservatism & Liberalism” list. That puts it eight spots ahead of The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival by Ron DeSantis. What do the books have in common? They’re both about d*cks.

(Via the Daily Beast)