Josh Hawley Is Getting Ripped Apart For Ignoring The Irony Of Promoting His Anti-Big Tech Book On Amazon

Josh Hawley, the “pathetic” senator from Missouri who helped incite the Capitol Building mob, protested the Electoral College vote (Walmart called him a “sore loser”), and opposed a bipartisan anti-Asian hate crimes bill, wrote a book. The Tyranny of Big Tech is about how “giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple — once symbols of American ingenuity and freedom — have become a techno-oligarchy with overwhelming economic and political power.” You know where I found that summary? Amazon.

If you can see the irony here, congratulations, you’re smarter than Josh Hawley.

“Thanks for making The Tyranny of Big Tech a best seller all week on Amazon! You can get your copy here,” the senator tweeted, along with a link to Amazon. Hawley could have picked an independent book store to promote his work (assuming he can find one willing to sell one written by an insurrection cheerleader), but he went straight to Amazon, despite the book being anti-Amazon. I assume. I will admit that I have not read The Tyranny of Big Tech, nor will I ever read it, but I do enjoy this one-star review.

After trying to overthrow the government, seditionist Josh Hawley, without irony, tries to sell his anti-tech story on the biggest of tech platforms, Amazon. Another example of unbridled political cynicism at work. And even though the book attacks the very essence of what Amazon is, they will sell it, because you know, profits.

Others also pointed out Josh “Corporations Are Canceling Me Even Though The World’s Largest Bookseller Is Promoting And Selling My Book” Hawley’s hypocrisy.

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