Another Missouri Newspaper Is Taking ‘Pathetic’ Josh Hawley To The Woodshed For Relentlessly Lying To His Constituents

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is once again in the crosshairs of a home state paper for his continued support of Donald Trump in light of the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol building. Hawley has already faced intense criticism for his infamous raised fist salute to the insurrectionist crowd on his way to do Trump’s bidding and “Stop the Steal” by objecting to the certification of the 2020 election results, which Hawley still believes are fraudulent. Or in other words, the same “Big Lie” that prompted the attack on the Capitol.

Now, as Trump’s impeachment trial proceeds in the Senate, Hawley has continued to defend the former president despite damning evidence that he incited the January 6 assault. In a scathing op-ed, the Editorial Board of the St. Louis Dispatch blasts Hawley as “pathetic” and an “embarrassment” for his false statements that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional and partisan:

Missourians must not allow themselves to be fooled by the weak boilerplate defenses by Hawley and [Missouri Senator Roy] Blunt. Hawley tweeted on Tuesday: “Today Democrats launched their unconstitutional impeachment trial while President Biden cancels thousands of working class jobs across this country. Americans deserve better.” In fact, a bipartisan majority of senators have deemed the proceeding to be constitutional. And the attempt to divert attention to Biden, who has not canceled a single job, is pathetic but oh-so-typical of Hawley.

Getting roasted by Missouri newspapers is starting to became a habit for Hawley. The day of the Capitol attack, the senator was taken to the woodshed by the Editorial Board of the Kansas City Star who accused Hawley of having a direct hand in the insurrection that is second only to Trump. “No one other than President Donald Trump himself is more responsible for Wednesday’s coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol than one Joshua David Hawley,” the op-ed reads. “Hawley’s actions in the last week had such impact that he deserves an impressive share of the blame for the blood that’s been shed.”

(Via St. Louis Dispatch)