You Can Practically See Brian Kilmeade’s Spirit Deflate While Steve Doocy Schools His ‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Hosts On The New Trump Indictment

Ex-President Donald Trump promptly melted down over his latest criminal indictment, and MAGA cheerleader Lauren Boebert did not handle the news well, either. Rival Ron DeSantis inadvertently sparked infighting on the subject, and that’s the same vibe coming from the co-hosts of Fox And Friends, which is once again looking like Fox And Frenemies. That’s increasingly been the case and often involves Steve Doocy attempting to explain things to his co-hosts while Ainsley Earhardt sort-of plays devil’s advocate, and Trump die-hard Brian Kilmeade looks like he would love to disappear into the studio floor.

The pattern took on new life on the morning following word of the new indictment. Doocy has already been publicly dragging Trump for his Mar-A-Lago hoarding of top-secret material and his anti-FBI rhetoric, so it’s no surprise that this is the side he’s still taking. He did so in an animated manner while on the verge of a celebratory tone.

If you watch this clip (posted by Media Matters’ Lis Power), Kilmeade’s glances toward the camera look like a mixture of processing the inevitable with a hefty dose of denial, along with “my spirit is leaving my body,” “help me, I am in Hell,” and “can you believe this guy?” His hero is going down the tubes, and wants to lash out, but every time he interjects, Doocy overrides him in sheer volume along with enthusiasm and a full-on chain of events for the DOJ’s investigation. Kilmeade has nothing productive to offer during the discussion, but it’s a trip to watch his faltering efforts. He goes through a lot.

Doocy did point out that these charges, while not fully revealed yet, look to be much more severe than handing hush money to Stormy Daniels. Watergate comparisons also flew from the elder Doocy’s mouth, and as stated by Power, it does sound like a dad trying to educate young kids. Kilmeade does refrain from a public tantrum, to his credit, but he must be so frustrated. Doocy’s fed-up attitude toward Trump has been ongoing for years, and Kilmeade was previously aghast to hear his co-host going rogue, but now, Kilmeade looks increasingly sad on the subject.

Election 2024 is already throwing mad curveballs, alright.