Lauren Boebert’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Congressional Seat Will Be Under Fire From The Same Candidate Who Nearly Beat Her

For a beautiful — but all too fleeting — moment in November, all seemed right with the world when it appeared that Lauren Boebert had lost her job as a congressional menace. On November 8, 2022, and the days leading up to it, all the then-freshman congresswoman could talk about was the #RedWave she was sure was coming… until it didn’t. And in Colorado’s 3rd district, which Boebert currently represents, the final results ultimately came down to just a few hundred votes.

While Adam Frisch, Boebert’s Democratic competitor, ultimately conceded the race, he’s not done with the gun-loving former bar owner yet. As The Denver Post reports, the razor-thin margin of his failed 2022 run for Congress only seems to have whetted his appetite to try again. On Tuesday morning, Frisch — a former Aspen City Council member — announced that he is ready to lock horns with the Capitol’s bathroom brawler once again. And that his previous defeat only puts him in a better position to unseat Bobert once and for all.

“November’s election results show us that Boebert is weak and will be defeated,” Frisch stated while announcing his upcoming campaign, noting that greater name recognition and a larger war chest are just two of the things he’ll have going for him in this second match-up.

“Boebert has only doubled down on her divisive antics, attention-seeking, and entertainment that does nothing to benefit the people of Southern and Western Colorado,” Frisch said of his soon-to-be (once again) opponent.

Since winning a second term in congress by a measly 546 votes, Boebert — who has been known to confuse John Adams with Samuel Adams — has spent her time about effectively as one might expect. When she’s not trading pathetic barbs with equally kooky Marjorie Taylor Greene, Boebert can typically be found complaining about the LACK of guns in America (which owns 46 percent of all the guns in the world!) or asking a group of churchgoers to pray for Joe Biden’s death.

(Via The Denver Post)