Lauren Boebert Is Definitely Attempting To Ignore The Unseating Of Madison Cawthorn, And She’s Getting Trolled Hard

As Madison Cawthorn’s “sore loser” mentality reverberates after his dramatic congressional primary loss in North Carolina, other far-right GOP members have reason to be nervous. That would include Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s seemingly next on the chopping block due to her reliance upon conspiracy theories in place of policy-based arguments during her actual job as a lawmaker. And there’s no way that rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert didn’t feel her own little world shaken up by news of Madison’s unseating, especially since she’s endured no shortage of scandals in the past two years.

Yet the Rifle Republican is handling this Cawthorn, uh, well? That’s debatable because Boebert hasn’t said jack on the subject. She’s actually attempting to ignore the fact that the ultra-MAGA crowd isn’t safe from losing their D.C. gigs, and their numbers could be up. Yet Boebert is pretending that nothing is unusual at all about today. In fact, she’s still madly tweeting at Elon Musk, who has yet to acknowledge her existence. It’s something.

“.@ElonMusk says he will be voting Republican for the first time in his life the next time he votes,” Boebert typed in an attempt to distract herself from impending doom. “Elon is not alone. It’s nearly impossible to stand by and vote for today’s radical Democrat Party. Welcome, Elon!”

Elon, of course, has not responded (in all fairness, he’s attempting to weasel out of the Twitter deal because of bots or something) to Boebert’s umpteenth attempt to get a tweet mention out of him. But her replies are chock full of people pointing out that, in the aftermath of Cawthorn’s loss, she could be next (and the same goes for Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz).

Yep, the Boebert and Greene are suspiciously quiet about Cawthorn!