Sore Loser Madison Cawthorn Slammed The GOP For Having A ‘Loser’s Mentality’ As He Makes History As Youngest Republican To Lose A Re-Election Bid

Madison Cawthorn is officially a loser—and a history-making loser at that. On Tuesday, the people of North Carolina’s 11th congressional district spoke with their votes and made it clear that a 26-year-old scofflaw who may or may not have attended a coke-fueled orgy with some geriatric Republicans is not the person they want representing them. They opted to take a chance on state senator Chuck Edwards instead.

The silver lining for Cawthorn? He can leave office having made history as a congressman at least twice: First, at 25, he became the youngest-ever Republican elected to congress. Now, at the tender age of 26, he’s the youngest-ever Republican congressperson to lose their re-election bid. We’re not sure whether Hallmark makes a card for this particular occasion, but… congratulations?!

Of course, Cawthorn will remain in his current position until early 2023, which means he’s got another six months to continue to stir things up in D.C., on the road, at the airport, or wherever else he chooses to be a public menace next. In the meantime, he’s taking the time to trash his own political party and blame the votes not going his way on what he seems to think is a coordinated effort to oust him from Congress, as Raw Story reports.

Before calling Edwards to concede the election on Tuesday, Cawthorn told a crowd of his own supporters:

“There has been a coordinated strike by really, kind of, the old establishment wing of our party. It’s a loser’s mentality. They realize the direction the country’s going in, the direction the population’s going in. If they want to… pay off people from my past and bring up old pictures or things that happened years and years ago, I feel free to let them do that. I think the American people will see through that.”

The only thing most people are seeing through is that little teddy Madison was rocking in those recently surfaced photos:

Immediately after trashing the GOP, Cawthorn did take a moment to pledge his undying allegiance to Donald Trump, who endorsed the North Carolinian despite being “weirded out” by the video of the twentysomething dry-humping his cousin.

When asked about the former president, Cawthorn said “the thing that I love about President Trump is that when you get your back pushed up against a wall, I’ve found that most people in politics, if it’s not politically expedient to them, they’ll turn their back on you in a heartbeat. But no matter what you are facing, when Donald Trump has your back he has your back ‘til the end.”

Try telling that to Rudy Giuliani.

(Via Raw Story)