Everyone’s Side-Eyeing Marjorie Taylor Greene After The GOP’s Hope To Unseat Madison Cawthorn Worked

Madison Cawthorn’s number should have been up when it came to reelection anyway, based upon how he regularly embarrassed the GOP with his fringe perspectives, but he seems to have sealed that deal when he alleged that D.C. is fueled by coke and orgies. Long story short, the controversial North Carolina representative lost his primary to Chuck Edwards, proving that a certain PAC’s campaign to take him out worked. Now, though, people are wondering who’s next among the ultra-MAGA, QAnon-loving ranks.

Lauren Boebert fits at least one of those descriptors, although word on the street is that she’s been calming down behind closed congressional doors in order to hopefully not end up the subject of a similar campaign. Naturally, though, the GOP cannot be thrilled about either Matt Gaetz’s sex scandals or Marjorie Taylor Greene’s space laser fixation, as well as her “marshall law”-associated obsession and her many lies under oath.

Madison’s number was up first, and it sure looks like Marjorie (who’s long since been stripped of all congressional committee assignments) could be next. Her primary election night (in Georgia) is May 24, and although she doesn’t have the coke-and-orgies claim under her belt, her conspiracy-theory-loving ways do embarrass the GOP. No one knows how she will fare in the primary, but as far as the general election goes, Democrat Marcus Flowers is ready to do the thing: “I’ll be unseating Rep. Greene in November, and it will be my pleasure.”

Otherwise, the sentiment is that if Madison can be pushed out, then loose cannon Marjorie truly needs to worry.


Also, here’s a question for you (and Freddie Krueger):