Lauren Boebert Is Deflecting Hard In Response To News Of Shooter’s Grill Restaurant Going Down In Flames

Lauren Boebert recently won her congressional primary election in Colorado, but otherwise, things aren’t going well for the rootin’ tootin’ lawmaker. She broke her silence on her husband’s arrest (for exposing his penis in a bowling alley) by somehow blaming the woman who was on the unfortunate receiving end of Jayson Boebert’s gesture. And then the world received word that her troubled (Rifle, Colorado) restaurant, Shooter’s Grill, was losing its lease and closing down as a result. That eatery, in which servers were encouraged to open-carry, was Boebert’s initial claim to fame.

Not that this development arrived as a total shock. Boebert adores her guns, and even though there was plenty of visible trouble — reports of the restaurant’s 2017 food poisoning outbreak via their pork sliders and ex-employees airing their grievances about not being paid while Boebert allegedly splashed out that money on luxury goods/breast implants — the time has now come (in 2022) for Shooter’s Grill to say goodbye.

Raw Story quotes Boebert as responding to the closing news by suggesting that there might soon be a “Shooters coffee shop with pastries and some easy breakfast sandwiches and merchandise.” Over on Twitter, though, Boebert is completely ignoring the news. If one reads between the lines, though, she’s got a culprit on her mind.

Yep, Boebert’s completely focused on inflation and even more so on Biden. Has she explicitly blamed him for Shooter’s Grill closing? No, but reading between the lines, she’s suggesting that overwhelming forces pushed her down. She’s ignoring the long-running troubles that have plagued the establishment, long before the economy started veering all over the place. In other words, she’s gonna keep on rootin’ and tootin.’