Meghan McCain Reportedly Flipped Out During A Meeting After ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Were Told To Stop With The ‘Personal Attacks’

In the past week or so, Meghan McCain and Joy Behar have had three contentious back-and-forths on The View that all ended in McCain screaming while Whoopi Goldberg moved to commercial. The latest shouting match on Monday morning got so bad that Goldberg finally snapped and exploded on McCain, who kept yelling, “Why are you cutting me off?” when the segment had clearly ran out of time.

According to a new TMZ report, Kim Godwin, the new president of ABC News, wants to deal with the escalating situation and called an emergency meeting with The View producers and co-hosts after reportedly getting “flooded” with viewers demanding that McCain be fired from the show. Via TMZ:

Our sources say Godwin — who just took the helm at ABC earlier this month — told everyone things are getting too personal on TV lately, not with the issues they’re debating … but with the attacks between co-hosts.

Godwin told everyone it’s coming off as toxic to the audience, and it’s not the direction she wants for the show.

While Godwn’s request, if true, seems reasonable, it reportedly did not go over well with McCain. According to TMZ’s sources, the conservative co-host “stormed out of the meeting” before it was over and claimed that she was being “attacked.” However, both McCain and Behar were on the air on Wednesday morning, and so far, there has been little sign of fireworks or fallout from the meeting. For now.

(Via TMZ)