Meghan McCain Is Proud That ‘The View’ Spent An Entire Year Trying To Find Her Replacement

As The View kicks off its new season with Alyssa Farah Griffith locked in as Meghan McCain’s replacement, the fiery talk show host turned Daily Mail columnist is opening up about the year-long process to find a worthy Republican to fill her old seat. Needless to say, McCain couldn’t be more pleased that she was so hard to replace, and she bragged about that fact during a recent interview with her old pal Andy Cohen.

“It took a year and two people to replace me, which makes me feel good. I get to take that.” McCain said while apparently taking credit for Ana Navarro getting bumped up to permanent host even though she still won’t appear daily. A move that had nothing to do with Meghan’s departure.

What McCain left out is that The View struggled for a year to find a conservative co-host who was vaccinated and wouldn’t devolve the show into shouting matches like McCain often did. In other words, the issue wasn’t that McCain was so irreplaceable, but the bench for Republican TV hosts who aren’t MAGA reactionaries is exceedingly thin.

When asked about her thoughts on Griffith, McCain attacked her for having a controversial right-wing father, which is very rich for a person who routinely shouted at her co-hosts that her father is John McCain.

“I don’t know her at all. The only thing I know about her is her family. She comes from an extremely, extremely controversial background,” McCain told Cohen via The Wrap. “Her dad is a very famous homophobe and racist who started birtherism. He’s actually the person that invented Obama’s birtherism.”

However, after making those remarks, McCain said she didn’t want to “say anything negative,” like she just did. “I wish [Alyssa] the best of luck,” McCain said. “It is very hard. It’s gonna get harder when midterms come, and I wish her success.”

(Via The Wrap)