Yep, Madison Cawthorn Is Following Up His Scandalous Video Leaks By Comparing Himself To Gandalf From ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

The embattled Madison Cawthorn is having quite a time these days. There’s an effort to (as with Marjorie Taylor Greene) remove him from the ballots for the midterms. That battle has to do with Madison’s alleged role in spurring on the insurrection, and as if that wasn’t enough scandal, the freshman congressbro (who recently divorced his wife of 8 months) has been attempting to explain away embarrassing video footage. He first (in the face of those lingerie photos) denied being a “drag queen” while calling footage (of his male cousin groping his crotch) “locker room talk.” He also described footage of himself naked and humping another man as mere “foolish, and joking” behavior.

Add all of this on top of Cawthorn’s strange claims of D.C. orgies, and it’s all very odd behavior from a lawmaker (who also won’t stop carrying firearms into airports). And since he can’t erase the leaks, he decided to confront the ballot challenge with a meme comparing himself to Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, which he perhaps hasn’t read.

This actually isn’t the first time that Cawthorn’s attempted to draw parallels between himself and one of the wisest wizards, one who’s essentially an angel. About a year ago, he made that same comparison to Olivia Nuzzi when she profiled Cawthorn for New York. And he tossed in some J.K. Rowling too:

Cawthorn described his new station in magical terms. “You think of a Harry Potter or a Gandalf in one of these great works of fiction,” he said. “They’re handed a wand. And you as the viewer, you don’t exactly know what they can do with that wand, but you know it holds incredible power. That’s a lot what it’s like coming into Congress, because there’s really no limitations onto what you can and cannot do in Congress. Aside from what the Supreme Court will allow you to do.”

Again, Cawthorn provides no depth to his claims, which is to be expected. There’s a strong possibility that he’s distracted, however, because if one has embarrassing photos and videos on the loose, there could always be more on the way. Politics!