Parkland Survivor David Hogg Demands Republicans Do Something About Wacky QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Harassing Mass-Shooting Survivors

Parkland survivor David Hogg is challenging Republicans to denounce newly elected Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene after a series of incendiary videos and social media posts have recently been brought to light. A known believer and active spreader of QAnon conspiracy theories, Greene has left a digital media trail involving calls for Nancy Pelosi and FBI agents to be executed, and a video where she is seen harassing Hogg while the young activist was in Washington, D.C. and petitioning Congress to take more active measures in preventing school shootings. Greene has publicly stated that Parkland was a “false flag” operation to take away gun owner’s right and has questioned whether the event even happened. It did.

After the video of Greene harassing Hogg went viral, he stopped by CNN on Thursday morning where he recalled being accosted by the QAnon congresswoman. Following the Parkland shooting, Hogg suffers from PTSD, which made the encounter all the more jarring.

Via CNN:

“Sometimes it’s just, you know, as I was told growing up, it’s just better not to respond to bullies and just walk away,” Hogg said.

He also said he “absolutely” felt it was a threat when Greene said in the video that she carried a gun, but told himself “if they shoot me, they prove my point.”

Considering the video was just one example in a growing list of Greene’s violent rhetoric, Hogg slammed Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who have yet to denounce the QAnon congresswoman. Hogg feels she should be stripped of her committee assignments and not supported by the party if she runs for re-election.

“Republicans always act as if they’re the party of decency and respect. But would the party of decency and respect questions [about] whether or not school shootings happened?” Hogg said. “Would they harass the survivors of these shootings for having different opinions than them? I don’t think so. And if Kevin McCarthy doesn’t think so either, he needs to actually stand up and do something about this congresswoman.”

(Via CNN)