Meghan McCain Is Blasting Republicans For Getting ‘Excited Like A Teenage Girl’ Over Kanye: ‘I Have Zero Tolerance For This Sh*t’

Meghan McCain called out conservatives over the weekend for fangirling Kanye West before and after the controversial rapper had his social media accounts restricted for a series of antisemitic posts. Kanye landed in hot water on Instagram after he shared screencaps of a text message exchange where he accused Diddy of being controlled by Jews. After his account was restricted, Ye moved over to Twitter where he vowed to go “death con 3 on Jewish people.” The tweet was later deleted by the platform for violating community standards.

In an impassioned statement on Instagram, McCain called out the seriousness of West promoting antisemitism.

“It is a cancer and it is everywhere,” McCain wrote. “It is an existential threat to American life and our Jewish friends and family both in our country and outside of it. I have zero tolerance for this sh*t. Zero.”

In a rare move, the conservative firebrand called out her side of the aisle for embracing Kanye’s antics, which she bluntly referred to as “poison.” Via Instagram:

“Conservatives always claim to hate celebrity but jump and get excited like a teenage girl at a Harry Styles concert any time any of them show our side attention. It is pathetic, we are supposed to be anti celebrity and for the average working men and women – but I guess that went out the window years ago. This man is no icon, he has no wisdom I care to hear.”

McCain ended her post by, again, urging Republicans to reject antisemitism. “Do not look the other way from this statement – it is the public hatred of Judaism and Jews and full f*cking stop there is NO place for this anywhere.”

You can see Meghan McCain’s full statement on Kanye below:

(Via Meghan McCain on Instagram)