Meghan McCain Went Peak ‘McCain Daughter’ While Trolling Republican Arch-Nemesis Kari Lake After Her Arizona Loss

Despite both being Republican women whose stance on Donald Trump changes with the wind, Meghan McCain and Arizona gubernatorial Kari Lake freaking hate each other. The two have been feuding all the way back to the primaries thanks to Lake taking several public swings at John McCain‘s legacy still holding sway in Arizona. Considering Meghan’s sole source of relevancy is being conceived by the maverick senator, the former The View host was not thrilled.

Unfortunately for Lake, attacking John McCain was not a winning strategy in Arizona. After nearly a full wake of tallying votes, Lake lost to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs. Meghan, of course, did not miss an opportunity to gloat. On Monday, evening she tweeted a photo of her father giving the thumbs up next to a photo of Lake with the word “Loser” written on it.

Clearly still in the mood to gloat, Meghan took another shot at Lake the next morning. On Tuesday, she shared a link to a National Review article titled “McCain Republicans Vote, Too” with the caption, “Beautiful morning to all of you.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Meghan to start being trolled in the comments by MAGA Republicans who were angry that she backed a Democratic candidate. However, don’t look for Meghan to gain sympathy from the Left. She was recently lambasted for making hypocritical comments about John Fetterman following his debate performance. (Fetterman went on to defeat Dr. Oz despite attacks on health.)

You can see Meghan get dragged by her own party below:

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter)