Meghan McCain Is Locked In A Vicious Twitter Fight With An Arizona MAGA Candidate Over The ‘Maverick’ Nickname

For the past few days, Meghan McCain‘s ongoing feud with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has viciously played out on social media where the Republican women have continued to fire shots at each other with no end in sight. McCain has been openly critical of the MAGA fever infecting her home state, and that ire has been especially reserved for Lake, who’s not only backed by Donald Trump but has campaigned on ridding Arizona of the McCain family influence.

The situation reached a boiling point when Republican Senator Wendy Rogers suggested that Lake should assume the “Maverick” nickname previously held by Meghan’s father, the late Senator John McCain. If you know anything about Meghan and her infamous penchant for invoking her father’s name, often loudly, then you can understand how this was basically an act of war.

“You hags deserve each other,” McCain tweeted on Wednesday. “Both of you dried up qanon husks stay the hell away from me.”

McCain also deleted a tweet where she calls Lake a “b*tch,” but not before Lake’s team grabbed a screenshot. The gubernatorial candidate fired back at McCain for the insult, and the fight was on.

“Yeah and I’d do it again – you absolute side show freak,” McCain tweeted in response to the screenshot. “Wanna keep going?”

In a follow-up tweet, McCain added: “Also save the pious bs – you invoke my dead father for clicks and qanon clout. You maxed out to Obama, twice and are a fake snake oil salesman acting out a role. No conservative on the planet would be dumb enough to believe you’re authentic FAKE LAKE.”

With the fight in full swing, Lake shot back with a dig at McCain’s book flopping. “First you call me a b**ch, now you call me a hag? You’re really doing wonders for your family’s image, Meg,” Lake tweeted. “Poor Meg, too terribly sad because her book launch was such a fail: Boost her broken ego by being one of the very few to buy it.”

“I will call you anything you want – keep talking about my dead father, lunatic,” McCain fired back. “I have HAD IT. This is what Arizona wants in a governor? Someone fighting with a former beloved senators family members on social media for clicks? The state has real problems.”

After a brief cooling off period, Lake reignited the feud with an appearance on One America Network where she, once again, dragged McCain’s book sales and called her a “rabid dog who’s been cornered” and is “thrashing around.”

The former The View co-host retweeted the video on Friday morning with another jab at Lake. “This is psycho, unhealthy and unhinged,” McCain wrote. “If I ever go missing, please check this woman’s basement first please.”

Lake has yet to respond to this latest attack, but give her a minute. It’s still early in Arizona.

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter)